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Tasanee in Navy Blue

What better way to enhance a look but with something bold to lift up that outfit into another level? If you are feeling like an audacious warrior, better get that bread and invest on Tasanee! Top made by embroidered organza and crepe material, you’ll look prim and proper and still ever ready for an OOTD session! The carving print embodies the Thai silhouette which is the main highlight for this Raya collection. Top can be tucked in for a polish and clean look or you can just let it hang loose. An additional pop of pleats made from crepe material on each shoulder are inserted to bring out the Thai vibes from their traditional look. The skirt is high waisted and has a drappy effect to elongate your figure! Are you there warriors? Suit up!


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  • Material : Embroidered Organza and Crepe

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