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Dibya in Burnt Orange

Always having a hard time readjusting that top you have after many tries in that changing room and you just can’t seem to find the right fit? Well, have you met Dibya? She’s here to save you! Introducing to you our Dibya piece – heavy dull satin skirt with linings, so girls, you do not have to worry about coverage! But the highlight of the Dibya piece is definitely the wrap top! You can readjust the top in any height or length you want by draping the hi-low asymetrical material into a special flap embodied with shiny beads! A hidden button is available in between the material for you to button up once you find the perfect fit for your body! Dibya is pretty innovative right? Save your time and money now and get Dibya instead!

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  • Material :
  1. Top – Crepe
  2. Bottom – Heavy Dull Satin
  • Measurements:


XS, S, M, L


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