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Allure in Wild Willow

Something minimalist but elegant for this Raya 2022, our Allure kurung strikes as one of our pieces that looks appealing with power and mystery. As the catchphrase goes, less is more, our Allure kurung ticks all the boxes. Full striking lace brocade print from head to toe with a hint of puff sleeves to keep that Temujanji signature touch. Being it a minimal look, we also add something quirky for the skirt for that extra flair and fluidity. Pleats for days but with a modern twist; Temujanji style. Feel allured already? Grab Allure to allure others this Raya 2022. 

Original price was: RM450.00.Current price is: RM219.00.

  • Material : Chiffon and lace
  • Hand wash and Dry Clean
  • Measurements in inch :


XS, S, M, L


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