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Charm in Midnight Blue

Delightful and pleasing to the eyes, we’ve curated a special kurung to Charm your way this Raya 2022. Meticulous embroidery work for this charming kurung to give you that special flowy effect that is just unforgettable! Just a tad of hand sewn silver beadworks for this kurung but all the details on this Charm kurung are immaculate. We got this amazing printed lace with bold black stitches to give you that 3D flower effects sewn to perfection. What’s more charming about this kurung is how we layered lace on lace for that luxurious feel this Raya. Bell bottom sleeves with black lace? Spot on! This kurung does not need to be interpreted at all, as it is bold and charming on its own. Care to be Charm this Raya? Pick up this kurung and Charm everyone you meet this Raya!


  • Material : Chiffon and lace
  • Hand wash and dry clean only
  • Hidden zippers on wrists and back
  • Measurements in inch:


XS, S, M, L


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