Orkid Dress in Seafoam Green

With grace and elegance, our Orkid dress speaks eloquently to its name. Swift in its flow with the taste of Temujanji’s elegance, Orkid is here to cater to all of your last minute errands and events. What a breeze it is to strap on our Orkid dress – with stretchable bands on the waist, hidden zipper on the back and adjustable cuffs for prayers or chores – it’s your new best friend. As Orkid is known for being one of the luxurious flowers there is, a ribbon feature is added for that lux feel for you to style around with. To top it all out, we’re feeling generous, so here’s four of our favorite Orkid colors that would colorized your days. Grab a bouquet of Orkid from us today; you definitely deserve it!


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  • Material : Italian Crepe
  • Comes in two sizes of Size 1 and Size 2
  • Hidden zipper at the back
  • Measurement in inches :




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